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The spotless Group was formed by Darren Clark and Kelly Brown, after the rapid growth and expansion of the original founded companies 'spotless spaces' and 'simply spotless'. The creation of subsequent marketing companies meant that the umbrella group was formed. The spotless group has core values and a mission statement that transcends all the businesses that sit under it, bringing together a common purpose that unites the companies. For more information on each of the spotless companies, please click on the links to their specific websites, and to learn more about the spotless group please explore this page further.

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning Agency
  • Social Media Management
  • Leadership Training

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Mission Statement

To inspire within every generation an entrepreneurial, 'can do' attitude. At the spotless group we firmly believe in laying the foundations for a bright, innovative future within businesses of every sector. We will do everything that we can in order to supply people of every age, background and belief the opportunity to realise their potential and ambitions. From school mentorship support to funding education for employees, the spotless group aims to build a brighter future for all.

Core Values

To provide educational and vocational access and opportunity to all team members, to support their personal development.

To give back to the wider society through charity events, and to inspire the next generation with entrepreneurial spirit and guidance.

To help with environmental matters through the green use of all chemicals, recycling and wastage.

To provide a safe, committed and fun working environment for all employees, where the employee voice is not only heard but acted upon.

To reward and recognise all employees for the job that they carry out.

To provide excellence within all areas of customer service to both customers and employees alike and to always 'go the extra mile'.

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Meet the Team

Darren Clark - Co-Founder

Darren's roots come firmly from a retail management back ground, having worked his way up from a teenage trolley collector, to his final post as an area manager. With ambition, drive and hard work Darren started the initial company spotless spaces just seven years ago with a bag of leaflets, enthusiasm and an unrivalled belief in great customer service.

Today his success speaks for itself, with many public speaking engagements and a fantastic public profile. His passion for business is unique. Having spent all of his childhood and most of his adult life with undiagnosed dyslexia, Darren learnt to rely heavily on his creative side; and it is this wonderful creativity that continues to drive the spotless group forward. Darren also recently graduated from the London Communication College in social media marketing and strategy, and plans to further this education in the near future. However, his main role within the group is managing the sales and marketing teams across all of the companies, as well as overseeing the whole operation.

Darren also attends various schools in the south west to carry out assembly talks and one to one mentoring with the students. Over the past 6 years Darren has spoken to thousands of students and given them the confidence they need when going out in to the work place for the first time.

Kelly Brown - Co-Founder

Kelly Brown is one of the co-founders at the 'spotless Group', beside her business partner Darren Clark. Alongside the daily running and growing of the group, Kelly specialises in Human Resource Management and the strategic planning and integration of HRM within business, and is currently undertaking an MSc in HRM at the University of the West of England.

Like Darren, Kelly's background is also in retail management where she progressed at a young age from department manger to a South West regional trainer. Helping to convert Safeway stores to Morrisons stores, and training hundreds of employees’ on new policies, procedures and equipment. Kelly obtained a BA (Hons) in English Literature in 2011, which allows her to form professional and sophisticated business literature and effective training material.

Kelly is very passionate about innovation within business and people management, and this has helped to progress the spotless group in various different sectors. Kelly also oversees the financial and HSE elements within the businesses, which enables her to plan effectively for the future.

Alice Williams - Operations Director

Alice's career journey started with a NVQ level two in childcare whilst working part time at Morrisons. After successfully gaining a NVQ and getting a full time job at a local nursery, she also continued with her retail career. She worked side by side in her dual roles until she was offered a full time position in Morrisons with the prospect of a management role. Alice then went on to become the administration supervisor, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She learned lots of skills and saw her department through many substantial changes and restructures.

Alice believed very much in the spotless group's core values, and felt that with her key competencies in management and customer service she could help progress the companies within the group, and joined the team. Alice joined the group on an administration and management apprenticeship, which she completed extremely competently in. After that, Alice progressed quickly earning her current title of Operations Director. Alice now oversees the operations of all the companies in the group, working closely with the management team for each. With her effective communication, management, and customer service skills Alice has aided the growth of the spotless group hugely.

Polly Ellwood - PR and Media Co-Ordinator

Polly joined the spotless group as PR and media co-ordinator, and brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Previously, Polly has worked in sales and marketing for many large organisations, including group head for magazines at the Independent news and media. Polly does an enormous amount of work for charity and in particular our eco friendly policies and values resonated with her, attracting her to the group.

Nicole Morris - Office Co-Ordinator

Nicole joined the spotless group after taking a career break to be a full-time mum. With a career starting as an accounts junior working both in purchase ledger, sales ledger and credit control, Nicole felt that she could bring these skills with the support of the group to help them with their growth moving forward. Nicole has also completed her AAT qualification, and has a diploma in Art and Design. Nicole has great customer service skills, and gains good job satisfaction from helping others and making a difference in the work environment. Nicole enjoys spending time with the family on her days off and exploring new places, and being creative, making different things for around the home.

Samantha Slocombe - Office Co-Ordinator

Samantha has joined the Spotless Group bringing with her an extensive amount of administration experience, and HR knowledge gained over the past twenty years, in both the public and private sectors. Working with the spotless group appealed to Samantha because of their family friendly policies, and commitment to employee development. Samantha is a reliable and organised individual who is eager to develop new skills that will benefit both herself and the company. In her spare time Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, horse riding and dog walking.